Acronyms for Nazi Germany, weimar Germany and Race Relations

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Kieran Kaiser Abdicates 9th Nov
Eats Ebert takes over 10th Nov
Salty Spartacists Revolt 1919
Krab Kapp Putsch 1920
Relish Ruhr Invasion 1923
He Hyper Inflation 1923
May Munich Putsch 1923
Say Stresemann Chancellor 1923
Delicious Dawes Plan 1924
Shells Stresemann Foreign Minister
Lost Locarno Treaty 1925

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For France Leaves the Ruhr 1925
You Youngs Plan 1929
Sally Set-Up 1921
Rightly Removal of Drexten by Hitler 1921
Mentioned Munich Putsch 1923
Ed Election in May 1924- 32 seats won
Eats Enlargement of the SA 1925
Enormous Election in 1930- 107 seats won
Extraordinary Election in Nov 1932- 200ish
seats won
Permeable Presidency Election 1932
Cracks Hitler Chancellor 1933
Ryan Reichstag Fire 1933
May Majority in Election 1933
Never Night of Long Knives 1934
Hurt Hindenburg Dies July 1934
Callum Conscription Introduced…read more

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Walk War declared on Poland 1939
Cologne Cologne Pirates 1944
Ben Brown vs Topeka 1934
Matt Montgomery Bus Boycott
Each Emitt Till 1955
Lost Little Rock 1957
Grannies Greensboro Sit-Ins 1960
Football Freedom Rides 1961
Because March on Birmingham 1963
Water March on Washington 1963
Caused Civil Rights Act 1964
Monstrous Mexico Olympics 1968
Actions MLK Assassinated 1968…read more


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