Achievement Motivation

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Achievement motivation
Links with personality, degree of competitiveness
Psychologists believe competitive behaviours are natural
Atkins and McClelland view achievement motivation as personality trait which is achieved by the situation.
Incentive values
Situation = probability of success + incentive value
Probability of success ­ how likely is it that you will win
Incentive value ­ intrinsic value you get out of performance. Harder task = greater incentive value
Need to Achieve
High need to achieve is associated with a low NAF ­ need to avoid failure, performers with high
motivation are high achievers.
Low need to achieve is associated with high NAF ­ failure outweighs the desire for success.
Referred to as low achievers
High nach personality Low nach personality
Challenge is accepted Challenge is rejected
Success is internal factors Success in external factors
Failure is route to success Failure is route to further failure
Shows persistence Shows no effort

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