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In chapter 2 fire on the mountain we are shown the first
casualty of the boys actions when the boy with the mulberry-
coloured birthmark disappears after a fire the boys make.
The boy with the
He was the first to
go missing; he
disappears when
the fire blazed out
of control.
A quote from piggy:
"That little 'un, him
with the mark on his
face where is he now?"…read more

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At the beginning of chapter four we see a vivid
description of the little 'uns and what they do.
"They ate most of the day,
picking fruit where they
could reach it and not
particularly about ripeness
and quality."
"They were now used to
stomach aces and a sort of
chronic diarrhoea."
"Apart from food and
sleep, they found time for
play, aimless and trivial,
among the white sand by
the bright water."…read more

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This shows that they are
not entirely integrated
part of the group, and
apart from assemblies
kept to themselves and
distant from the big 'uns.
I think Golding does this to show the
audience a side of the group that is
segregated due to their difference in
size. It also makes the reader think
about the segregation in their life
and that which is going on all around
them.…read more

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Golding then introduces a
scene where Roger throws
stones at Henry.
"Roger stooped, picked
up a stone, aimed, and
threw it at Henry ­
Threw it to miss."
"There was a space
round Henry, perhaps
six yards in diameter,
into which he dare not
throw."…read more

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Later on in chapter eleven
we see Roger as he pushes
the rock that kills piggy.
"Roger, with a sense of
delirious abandonment,
leaned all his weight on
"The rock struck Piggy a
glancing blow from chin to
knee"..."Piggy fell forty feet and
landed on his back across that
square, red rock in the sea. His
head opened and stuff came out
and turned red."…read more

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