Romeo and Juliet characters

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The Capulets 

Lord capulet

Juliet's father, is ready to fight Montague, but then appears to be friendly and welcoming, inviting people to his party. And he stops Tybalt from fighting Romeo in his house. However, Capulet is a very traditional father. He arranges Juliet's marriage to Paris and is furious when she does not obey him

Lady capulet 

She isn't very close to her daughter Juliet. She has little to do with her and will not take Juliet's side against her husband.


Her character at first appears to be quiet, obedient and innocent. She then meets Romeo and shows she is not as shy as we think. She then tells the audience of her love for Romeo, knowing his family is hated by hers. She later announces her love for him again, not knowing he can hear. Her thoughts are complex, showing her intelligence, and that her love of Romeo is sincere. Juliet does not doubt her husband, even when she learns he has killed her cousin. She is prepared to commit suicide for him, then bravely carries out the Friar's plan, meaning she disobeys her parents and


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