English - Poems from Different Cultures Revision Notes

Brief revision notes based on the ideas from my class/teacher. May differ from what you have been taught but thought i would share anyway.

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English Revision Poems from Different Cultures
Search for My Tongue
Repeats "you/your" ­ involving reader, relating to reader ­ like talking to reader
Asks reader questions ­ "I ask you" ­ relating to reader
Uses another language (Gujerati Script) with phonetic spelling underneath (phonetic
spelling = spelt how it sounds) ­ reminds us of the poets mother tongue; it bursts into
the poem
Asks reader to think about her situation. Wants reader to empathise
Extended metaphor ­ plant/flower to represent tongue, runs throughout the poems, and
makes the tongue seem like a living body; given life of its own
One extended stanza ­ 3 sections
1st section: Up to line 16 ­ sadness, frustration over loss/death of mother tongue
2nd section: Up to line 30 ­ Gujerati script ­ native tongue returns
3rd section: Line 30 onwards mother tongue has come back; celebrates its return
Reconciled (prepared to accept) to idea of having "two" tongues
Enjambment ­ ideas cannot be contained ­ lines flowing together ­ enthusiasm
Longer lines when tongues blossom
Tone ­ negative in 1st section; moves to celebratory (in 2nd/3rd section)
Message: Shouldn't forget about your mother/native tongue
Much linked to your culture ­ language key to cultural identity

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English Revision Poems from Different Cultures
Unrelated Incidents
Repetition of scruff ­ reinforces poets idea; attacking use of
Slang ­ connects reader and poet; hear his voice
Phonetic Spelling ­ hear the Scottish accent
Use of imperative ­ "Belt up" (shut up) ­ direct attack on news readers etc
One continuous stanza ­ fast flow, uninterrupted
Short, snappy lines ­ enthusiastic, gets straight to point, makes reader talk in accent
Words almost spat out ­ shows anger
Shift from 3rd to 1st…read more

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English Revision Poems from Different Cultures
Repetition ­ "what yu mean..." ­ memorable. Also directly addresses
reader ("yu"/you),
Agard connecting the reader, challenging the reader to think
Slang/Dialect (Creole)
Funny but realistic; using his culture in the poem, hear him speak "yuself" ­ phonetic
spelling; hear the poet
Use of dashes ­ non-standard punctuation.…read more

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English Revision Poems from Different Cultures
Love After Love
Use of metaphors ­ "feast on your life" ­ eat/enjoy/celebrate your life
"peel your own images" ­ look back
Repetition of give ­ giving back, giving life ­ give = very positive action ­ joy, happiness
Imperatives ­ sit, feast, give, take ­ instructing the reader, urging quality
Biblical quality; about how to live your life ­ links to religious imagery
Majority positive ­ link to positive message about life
Enjambment ­ stanzas flow…read more

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English Revision Poems from Different Cultures
This Room
One rhyming couplet ­ lines 12/13 arrives/lives ­ life has arrived
­ makes idea more memorable
Irregular stanzas ­ last stanza 1 line only ­ "outside" rest of the poem, like writer, also
emphasises idea
Irregular line lengths ­ 3-10 syllables ­ odd like poem
Monologue form ­ hear poet's personal voice
Structure ­ Begins in chaos/darkness
Central turning point ­ key messages: line 10 ­ move into celebration;
out of darkness, escaping confinement
Message/Ideas/Theme…read more

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English Revision Poems from Different Cultures
Not My Business
In 1st 3 stanzas, repetition of ­ "What business of mine is it
So long they don't take the yam
from my savouring mouth"
Shows he does not care as long as he is not affected.…read more

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English Revision Poems from Different Cultures
Poet telling us we should intervene; could happen to you otherwise ­ moralistic poem
Idea of 3 little pigs; however, baddie triumphs because no resistance is built
Menacing tone; lurking throughout
Break down in law and order
Feelings of fear ­ break down is problematic.…read more

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English Revision Poems from Different Cultures
Presents from my Aunts in Pakistan
Line 4 "glistening" simile ­ vivid image; creates strong sense of the colour and the
Split ­ like her ­ represents the split she feels; divided across her cultures
Line 23 ­ "I was aflame" metaphor ­ stands our ­ wearing clothes is a painful,
uncomfortable experience.…read more

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English Revision Poems from Different Cultures
Suggests moving from culture to culture means you do not fit in ­ fracturing effect…read more

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English Revision Poems from Different Cultures
Hurricane Hits England
1987 ­ Hurricane hits England after being told that that it would not
Gods mentioned ­ Huracan ­ West Indian God of wind, Oya & Shango ­ 2 storm Gods-
originally of Yoruba people ­ Nigeria, Hattie ­ was a Caribbean hurricane ­ storm from
poets past
Irregular stanzas/line lengths ­ represents chaos of the hurricane; disorder of thoughts
Single line ­ pivotal point in the poem
A free line; she has broken free…read more


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