Romeo and Juliet

This is an mind map of all the characters and what they do along the play, to help Romeo and Juliet to come to the end of there lives.

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  • Romeo and Juliet
    • the montigues
      • Romeo
        • fell in love with Juliet kissed her the first time he saw her
        • killed tybalt by stabbing him in the chest
        • fell in love with rosaline and dident realy like her
      • lord montigue
        • he trys to look after romer as mush as he can
        • he always thinks he knows best
        • he has been in a fude with the capulets for all his life
      • ladt montigue
        • She is not particularly involved with Romeo's life in the play
        • die of grief when he is banished.
        • Lady Montague is mother to Romeo and married to Montague
      • benvolio
        • he does have a temper in private.
        • attempts to take on a peacemaker role by avoiding violent
        • He is a loyal friend to Romeo and tries to counsel him about his love life
      • balthasr
        • Romeo’s serving man
        • He unwittingly informs Romeo of Juliet’s death
        • the news was wrong so romeo died
      • abram
        • Abram is Montague’s serving man
        • He fights Capulet’s serving men Samson and Gregory
        • discord between the families.
    • the capulets
      • lord capulet
        • Capulet is very much in charge and demands respect
        • wants todisone juliet
        • Capulet loves his daughter very much
      • Juliet
        • loved romeo the first time they see each other
        • Our female protagonist is 13 years old and about to be married to Paris
        • Juliet has little personal freedom.
      • lady capulet
        • It is interesting to note that Juliet receives most of her moral guidance and affection from the Nurse
        • Lady Capulet takes the news of her nephew Tybalt's death extremely hard
        • Juliet declines to marry Paris, Lady Capulet turns on her
      • all the survance
        • they all disagree with the fude and how they are always fighting
        • they invite Romeo and Tybalt to the ball


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