Chapter 10

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  • Chapter 10, The Shell and the Glasses
    • Importance
      • By refusing to admit the murder of Simon, it shows there stance on civilisation.
      • Ralph decides not continue the signal fire during the night, this is a symbol of how he is surrendering to savagery.
      • Jack beats misbehaving boys, this resembles the difference between his and Ralph’s leadership.
      • When Sam n Eric start fighting, it foreshadows there eventual descent into savagery.
    • Summary
      • Ralph and Piggy try to keep  the fire going and talk about what happened.
      • Ralph states that it was murder, but Piggy insists it was an accident. Showing his maturity.
      • Jack is found half naked with a painted face having just punished Wilfred.
      • Sam n Eric start fighting, Piggy whispers that they have gone bomb happy.
      • Ralph hopes the beast will prefe the little’uns to him.
      • Tension builds until something crashes into their shelter. They are attacked and there shelter is broken.


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