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World War I Events
A summary of the events and
battles of World War One.…read more

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Reasons for War
· Britain entered the war in aid of France to
ensure the balance of power.
· Britain had the worlds strongest navy but the
Kaiser was attempting to rival her maritime
strength and already possessed the largest
army in Europe.
· Britain was legally bound to aid Belgium due a
treaty that promised to maintain her neutrality.…read more

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`The Race to the Sea'
· The German advancement south-east of Paris
allowed for a flank counterattack from the Capital.
Fearing encirclement the Germans pulled back to the
River Aisne.
· The Allies advanced but couldn't push the Germans
back. The battle snaked northwards, trench warfare
began. Each side tried to outflank the other but with
no success.
· The BEF were sent to Ypres to assist the Belgium
Army hoping to cling onto a part of the country and
channel ports.…read more

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The Second Battle of Ypres
Spring 1915
· Canadian & T.A divisions arrive to hold the
German forces at Ypres.
· Poison gas allowed German forces to break
through trenches but the Allies held the line.
· Britain assisted French assaults at Loos &
Festubert that proved costly, prompting
General French to be replacement by Haig.…read more

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The Somme
June 1916
· A largely British offensive lead by General
Rawlinson , near Amiens to relieve the French at
· For 7days, a bombardment of German lines, with
hopes to destroy dug-out and cut barbed wire ­
this failed.
1st July 1916
· The first day. 57,000 casualties and over 19,000
dead, largely new army volunteers ­ Britain's
greatest military defeat in history.…read more

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The Somme
September 1916
· The tank's first use, with an advancement of
3,500 yards but slow and frequently broke down
not yet `war winners'.
· Royal Flying Corps had expanded and achieved
air-superiority over the German air-force.
November 1916
· Due to appalling weather and the mud, the battle
comes to a halt.
· Each side suffered c.600,000 casualties, 2/3 of
the Allies were British.…read more

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