RS Edexcel: Crime and Punishment

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  • So people know what is expected
  • So people are protected from violence and crime
  • So people may enjoys rewards from their efforts.


  • If laws are unjust, people will feel it is right to break them
  • If some laws are unjust, some people may think all laws are unjust
  • If laws don't give justice, some people may take it upon themselves to inforce justice
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Aims of Punishments

DETERRENCE- punishment puts people off from commiting the crime again

For: puts people off, harsh punishment    Against: may not deter people

REFORM - punishments should try and change people

For: gives a second chance, teach others    Against: people can obuse the privaledge

RETRIBUTION - punishments should make criminals pay for what they have done

For: sense of justice     Against: contradicts Christian values and punishments are harsh

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  • Christians should follow the example of Jesus who treated people in a fair way
  • Jesus taught people to be treated fairly and not to be cheated "so in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you"
  • Bibles teaches everyone should be treated equally "all one in Christ"
  • Christians believe in judgement day


  • Qur'an states that there should be justice for all muslims and justice should come to families
  • Muhammad showed justice to his enemyies "let hatred of a people incite you to act justly; be just"
  • Muslims believe in a judgement day, they will act justly so that Allah acts justly to them
  • Two of Allah's names are link with justice "Judge" and "Just"
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  • 'Do not judge or you too will be judged. For in the same way as you judge others, you will be judged'
  • Jesus said to forgive our sins as we forgive those who sin against us
  • Jesus' example of reform: "then neither do i condemn you, now go and sin no more"
  • Jesus encouraged people to settle their differences out of court


  • God sees everything and will judge on judgement day
  • Qur'an lays down a punishment for certain crimes
  • Strict punishments are only given as a last resort and family circumstances are taken into account
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Capital Punishment: Non Religious



  • act as a deterrent 
  • ultimate retribution
  • helps bring closure
  • cheaper than prison


  • innocent people wrongly accused
  • people who face death penalty may kill to escape
  • terrorist executed, may encourage maytrs
  • executions = easier sentence
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Capital Punishment: Christianity


For -

  • bible uses capital punishment
  • such a serious crime that death penalty is legal
  • christian church used it so it isn't unchristians
  • christians must obey capital punishment if it is the law

Against -

  • jesus band retribution "an eye for an eye"
  • jesus came to save sinners
  • only god has the right to take a life
  • may execute people who are mentally ill and jesus came to save them
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Capital Punishment: Islam


For  -

  • shari'ah law allows capital punishment for some crimes
  • prophet muhammad agreed with capital punishement
  • "you shalt not kill" - therefore those who do receive the death penalty

Against -

  • Shari'ah law only suggests it, it isnt compulsory
  • muslims can't accept blood money
  • judgement day (should they agree with it?)
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Muslims with DRUGS and ALCOHOL


  • Surah 2:19 'alcohol is a great sin'
  • Muhammad said 'alcohol is an intoxicant and all Khamr is Haram'
  • All muslims believe their bodies were created by Allah and should be looked after till judgement day
  • Hadith says 'Allah has cursed wine'


  • Islam is opposed to drugs unless medically prescribed
  • Drugs enable people to escape from life and not serve Allah
  • Work of Satan
  • Stop people from praying (5 times a day)
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Christians with DRUGS and ALCOHOL


For -

  • wedding at cana - Jesus turned water into wine and they drank wine at the last supper
  • St. Paul said wine helps with digestions


  • impares judgement
  • "your body is the temple if the holy spirit" - dont abuse it


  • biblical teachings say to follow the laws of the land
  • illegal drugs are damaging for the body
  • illegal drugs can break down relationships
  • can lead to crime to get money for drugs
  • acting in a non christian way
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