Haydn 'The Joke' Notes 2015 Edexcel Music

Notes that I've made from my analysis on Haydn's 'The Joke' for this years A2 Edexcel Music Exam.. hope this helps!

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Haydn ­ String Quartet in E flat, Op. 33 No2: movement IV (The Joke)
Haydn = classical
Opus 33 = series of 6 string quartets
String quartets (4 instruments) (2 violins, viola & cello)
Lots of staccato
Arco technique on violins
Dynamics use crescendos & diminuendos
Monothematic = theme is broken into 3 motifs
First 3 notes = x; next 3 = y; next descending 4 = z
Bar 3 = x 1 tone lower, y1 is inverted with unaccented passing
note. Chromatic lower auxiliary in z1
X, y & z repeated. X1, y3 and z then x2 (chromatic note), x3, x4
Diatonic appoggiatura at bar 15
A flat = SHOCK NOTE bars 17, 18 & 21
Further development of x motifs = bar 25 with augmentation in
Short term descending, long term ascending motifs at bar 58
All about development of motifs
Overall structure = rondo (ABACA)
A section = rounded binary (ABA). Within A = B section at
anacrusis to bar 9. Back to A within A at bar 29. End of first A at
B section at 37
Second A at bar 71
C at anacrusis to 108
A1 = substantially altered at anacrusis to 141
Compound duple time (6/8)
Rhythmic diminution?
Pedal notes in cello at bar 16
Two bar phrase repeated beginning of section B
Deliberately overlapping end of last phrase with new one using sf
(sforzando) to add to rhythmic instability
Elision effect = bar 44
Endless breathless quavers starting @ bar 54
Simple time (2/4) @ bar 148
Adagio = slow. Scotch snap rhythm during slow section

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