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Haydn ­ String Quartet in E flat, Op. 33 No2: movement IV (The Joke)
Haydn = classical
Opus 33 = series of 6 string quartets
String quartets (4 instruments) (2 violins, viola & cello)
Lots of staccato
Arco technique on violins
Dynamics use crescendos & diminuendos

Monothematic = theme…

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G.P throughout ending = `general pause'

4 parts
Generally homophonic (mostly melody dominated homophony)
Majority of melody is in violin 1
Viola is acting as bass in bar 3
V1 & V2 in 3rds at bar 9
Parallel 10ths bar 11
Homorhythmic at bar 27
V1 no longer leading…


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