Value of Eschatological and apocalyptic teaching for people today

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Value of Eschatological and apocalyptic teaching for people today


  • Has Value;
  • Biological Catastrophe - ebola could have a big impact today
  • Global Warming  -Air pollution, rising sea levels
  • Hollywood films - 2012, I am Legend. Depict an apocalypse
  • In the bible, one of the four horsemen heralding the end of the world is associated with global plagues
  • Waco/Heavens Gate - take apocalyptic teachings very seriously


  • Has no value;
  • Eschatology seems to have less value as people go against Christian rules, despite what Christians say about judgement day.
  • Secularisation has lessened the fear of going to hell
  • Realized eschatology - judgement is immediate. Thus our fate is already decided and judgement will not occur
  • John Calvins idea of the damned and the elect - people have already been chosen for salvation
  • Apocalyptic biblical literature was written for the Jews, and the language and symbolism can only be truly understood by them. When we try to interpret this we lose the true message
  • Can't be proven

Overall comparison

Invalid to claim they have no value as they change the attitudes and behaviour of people in modern society who over consume the worlds natural resources. Also they have huge impacts on peoples lives - cults - Christians live their life in a cartain way waiting for judgement day so that they can go to heaven 


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