The Western Rebellion 1549


The Western Rebellion 1549


  • Shift towards Protestantism concerned Catholics.
  • William Body (violent Protestant) tried reforms, was murdered 1548.
  • Discontent ignored, carried on with new plans of services and prayers in Churches in 1549.
  • Rebels against new prayer book in Exeter turned.


  • Protector Sommerset was slow to respond because of Kett's rebellion occurring at the same time, and invasion of Scotland and France.
  • The army was eventually big enough to suppress the rebels.
  • Over 3,000 rebels slaughtered.

Overall summary

Mainly Commoners involved. Gentry tried to negotiate with rebels. Religiously caused. Humphrey Arundell (gentry), claimed he was forced to join the rebellion. 6,000 rebels outside Exeter. Edward VI's reign. Harsh reactions- threat to the monarchy.


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