Edward VI

Under Somerset 1547-49

  • Edward's uncle- Edward only 9. Lord Protector.
  • 1550, Dissoltion of the Chantries gave regime money, and attack on Catholic doctrine of Purgatory.
  • Iconoclasm- taking down images, alters.
  • Abolition of some Catholic ceremonies..
  • First English Prayer Book 1549- aimed to introduce English services, conservatives realised they could use the book and keep Catholic beliefs- mumbling priests. Enforced by Act of Uniformity 1549.
  • Western and Kett's Rebellion 1549 were Catholic rebellions against Protestant changes, but didn't pose a huge threat.
  • Overthrown in Northumberland's coup d'etat and executed in 1552.
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Under Northumberland 1550-53

  • Lord President- achieved more because of his drive, determination and his use of privy council.
  • New Ordinal for ordination of priests emphasised importance of preaching.
  • His Privy Council reforms carry weight; Second English Prayer Book 1552-highlighted new Protestant rules such as removal of alters and Catholic doctrine like transubstantiation.
  • Northumberland attempts long term change; Forty-two Articles 1553- stressed importance of bible and Protestant doctrine like Predestination; the belief that God had already chosen who would be saved. Ignored by the mumbling bishops and priests clinging to the Catholic mass.
  • Somerset and Northumberland were seemingly contradictory, confusing people.
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Edward VI

  • 1552 contracted measles and small pox. Also had TB.
  • July 1553 the boy King was dead.
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