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  • Strong, independent woman
  • Will not be altered by convention
  • Hard to break down
  • Eventually broken down
  • Returns as a character
  • Loud, honest, she feels things are better spoken than kept secret
  • mother
  • lover
  • role model, she is the assertive woman celie is not
  • caring woman

Development (Growth & change)

Other information              

  • First introduction Sofia is confident, unafraid and able to confront Mr___ "she walk a little in front" "What i need to marry Harpo for?" "Look like the army change direction"
  • Sofia will not withstand Harpo trying to dominate her "next time us see Harpo his face a mess of bruises" she will immediately confront Celie "you told Harpo to beat me, she said" We see her background as a fighter "all my life i had to fight" Sofia wants a relationship, not a master-servant relationship
  • Gender reversal "she still working on the roof" "He don't want a wife, he want a dog." she doesn't need him any longer "me and my children."
  • We see how she will not stand for it anylonger and she leaves. When she returns her strong character is still evident "She ball up her first, draw back and knock two of Squeaks side teef out", this is parralelled with the scene with the mayor.
  • It is ironic that the value that she places on fighting back is the very thing that prevents her from living an independent life. Her adamant refusal to be a white woman's maid is eventually crushed, and she is forced to work — first, without pay in the prison, doing laundry, and then, with pay, as the white mayor's family maid. "They crack her skull, they crack her ribs" "Everytime they ast me to do something, Miss Celie, I act like i'm you." She begins to turn mad "I dream of murder"
  • Sofis attitudes and beliefs shown "i'm slaving away" "Yes ma'am." "i don't need nothing but what i got on" "Like us didn't have enough sense to handle it"
  • Although Sofia survives severe beatings during her imprisonment, she pays much too much for being herself, and in the process, she loses much of her strength and dignity. "Children reach cross he like she not there" "Call Sofia 'Miss'" (constrast to earlier "me and my children".) her sould slightly regain itself though "little truth in it" "it like a voice speaking from the grave" Her and Harpo become closer again "She look at him and laugh in his face... A little spark fly cross the table"
  • She goes back to Harpo and is strong again "I can cry and take it easy and lift the coffin too." "after that, i start to feel again for Harpo"
  • Sofia is fully returned as she confronts Eleanor Jane "No Ma'am i do not love Reynold Stanley Earl." "Sofia the kind of woman no matter what she have in her hand it look like a weapon." "all the coloured women say they love yours is lying." "Sofia and Shug not like men, but they not like women either... they hold their own. And it's different."
  • Sofia gets work "i hired Sofia to clerk in our store" "Plus, she scare that white man
  • Sofia teacher Harpo just to love "what i'm gon care for? IT seem to make her happy. And i can take care of anything come up home." Gender reversal. "Sofia toss her head. Everybody learn something in life... and they laugh"


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