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The Crucible exam

"Explore the ways in which Miller presents... [X interacting with Y] or [attributes to...] in [context]

In your answer you must consider how the playwright uses literary, linguistic and rhetorical devices
and conventions to create specific dramatic effects".


A fictionalised historical drama, with a…

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Hoe is the reader of audience in the theatre affected by the language? What is the audience
supposed to believe / feel / know at this point of the play?

Conversational purpose the intention/objectives/goals of each character in the scene...

The Persecuted: The Court Authorities:
John Proctor Deputy Governor Danforth…

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Agenda setting
Topic shifts
Length of utterance
Adjacency pairs

Spontaneity and non-fluency: THIS IS NOT A TRANSCRIPT OF A SPONTANEOUS SEECH ACT: it is
written, crafted by the author to be spoken: therefore if Miller uses non-fluent, it must be


Types of Speech Acts: declaratives, interrogatives, imperatives ALSO…

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"The edge of the wilderness was close by. The American continent stretched endlessly west, and it
was full of mystery for them. It stood, dark and threatening. Indian tribes marauded from time to

And ­ is a conjunction.




Really good source of information, includes lots of terminology necessary for the exam! Thank you :)

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