GLOSSARY 'A' words

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  • Glossary
    • adjacency pair
      • a conversation, question followed by an answer
    • adjective
      • word used to describe a noun
    • adverb
      • 'slowly' 'carefully' (gives more info about the verb
    • adverbial
      • usually indicates when, where,how something happened
    • alliteration
      • scary snake
    • ambiguity
      • having more than one possiable meaning
    • anaphoric reference
      • a reference backt o something mentioned earlier in a text
    • antithesis
      • when words, ideas, are directly opposite in meaning
    • archasim
      • old language
    • assonance
      • the rhyming of a vowel sounds within two or more words
    • asyndetic listing
      • a list that does not use conjunctions
    • auxiliary verb
      • a helping verb placed in front of a main verb, 'I WILL see you


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