Situation Ethics- Euthanasia


Situation Ethics- Euthanasia


  • The 4 Presumptions- Personalism says Situation Ethics is personal, therefore it puts people before rules.
  • Pragmatism says that we can do whatever works best in the circumstance.
  • Relativism- in any situation we need to act out of love- therefore we do what the situation requires.
  • Agape- Most loving thing to do may be to give someone a peaceful death, and put them out of their pain.
  • Voluntary Euthanasia- Fletcher would say its okay because it puts the person out of suffering (the most loving thing to do)


  • Slippery Slope- people would take advantage of it even if they didn't need or, or weren't quite ready to die.
  • Non-Voluntary Euthanasia- if you end their life when they didn't ask- not necessarily the most loving thing.
  • Non-Voluntary Euthanasia- It's not loving as it goes against their wishes- they cannot consent to it, therefore you are forcing them to end their life.


Situation Ethics can be used to make the ethical decision.There is not a strict set of moral laws- so the moral decision you should make should depend on the situation.




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