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  • Euthanasia
    • Quality of life
      • Human life has to possess certain attributes in order to have value
      • Humans should be able to live a dignified life and end life with dignity
      • Greek desire for Euthanasia
        • Modern society is still influenced by religious stands on Euthanasia
          • Kevin Smith
    • Sanctity of life
      • supreme and intrinsic specialness of human life
      • Genesis - man and woman created the image and likeness of God
      • Life-taking is an ultimate taboo
        • By taking one life, others are endangered as the status of life is undermined
          • Unexpected possibilities end when life is gone
            • Social sense -destructive to give others authority to end a life
    • Applications
      • Kantian Ethics
        • Goes against Categorical imperative - cannot be universalised
        • Medical professionals duty contradicted when applied to Euthanasia
        • People should be seen as ends not means
      • Situation Ethics
        • Most loving action - ignores legalistic approaches
        • Patient autonomy
        • Fitting criteria that might determine whether a being is a person
      • Natural Law
        • Euthanasia is an apparant good
        • Goes against primary precept of protecting life
        • Only God can take life away - Image of God
        • Applying to society
    • Non-voluntary and voluntary
      • Voluntary
        • Person's life is ended due to request through a third party
          • Several factors to be considered before deciding what to do
            • Jonathan Glover
              • Rejects reasons why Euthanasia shouldn't be permitted
      • Non-Voluntary
        • Euthanasia without request
          • Removing burdensome treatment is not considered Euthanasia
        • Slippery-slope - unintended effects
    • Autonomy
      • John Stuart Mill
        • Matters that do not concern others, individuals should have full autonomy
        • People should have the right to choose when and how to die
      • Gregory Pence - Help those who what to die as they are actally dying
      • Opponents - indirect threat to others - low self esteem
        • Instead of seeking other forms of help, they jump straight to death
          • Responsibility for spporting the right to die, wrong to oblige medical professionals to be in such activity
    • Case studies
      • Simon's choice
      • Diane Petty
      • Dr Death
      • Charlie Guard


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