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  • Euthanasia
    • Quality of Life
      • How good ones life is, if it is of such poor quality, is it worth living it.
      • Peter Singer thinks that quality of life is the most important thing when considering euthanasia.
      • Utilitarian's may support euthanasia in some situations, because it could create the greatest good for the greatest number.
      • Joseph Fletchers situation ethics may support euthanasia as in some situations it could be seen as the most loving thing to do.
    • Sanctity of Life
      • Is how sacred life is and why we shouldn't destroy it
      • Natural Law
        • To preserve life is a primary precept
        • Thomas Aquinas
      • The Bible
        • ''god created man in his own image''
          • God brought us into this world only he can take us out of it.
          • could be seen as playing god
        • The 10 commandments tell us ''do not murder''
      • Kant
        • we have a duty to preserve life
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