Religious developments under Mary I

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August 1553

  • Proclamation that Mary ' mindeth not to compel any her said subjects ( i.e religious conformity) until such time as further order by common assent may be taken therein'.
  • Many prominent protestant clergy were deprived of their livings.

September 1553 

  • 5th- Archbishop Cranmer arrested and appeared before royal commissioners at St Paul's deanery to answer questions about his role in the Jane Grey coup
  • Hugh Latimer, John Hooper, Nicholas Ridley and John Rogers + others imprisoned.

Autumn 1553

  • Parliament met and refused to repeal the Act of Supremacy.
  • Parliament did pass an Act of Repeal which undid all of the Edwardian Reformation, revived mass, ritual worship and clerical celibacy, and also implicitly reaffirmed the traditional doctrine of the Lord's Supper ( e.g the Catholic belief in transubstantiation). Consequently, the Church was restored to what it was like in 1547 under the Act of Six Articles.

December 1553

  • Mary gave up the title of 'Supreme Head of the Church'.

January 1554

  • Mass exodus of protestants to Germany and Switzerland, approximately 800 in total.

March 1554

  • Royal Injunctions issued, ordered bishops to suppress heresy, remove married clergy, re-ordain clergy who had been ordained under the English Ordinal, and restore Holy Days, processions and ceremonies. Gardiner began to deprive priests of their livings. Diocese of Norwich; 243 priests lost their posts. In all 10%-25% were deprived of their livings for having already married.
  • Protestant bishops of gloucester, Hereford, Lincoln and Rochester + Archbishop of York all lost their posts and replaced by committed Catholics.

April 1554

  • Parliament initially rejected the re-introduction of the heresy laws, but agreed when promised that former monastic lands would not be restored to Church ownership.

November 1554

  • Pole returned to England; the sentence of excommunications was lifted from England. Parliament passed the Second Act of Repeal, which undid all the anti-papal legislation since 1529.


  • Publication of Bonner's Book of Homilies.

January 1555

  • Mary appointed a commission to consider refounding some of the religious houses.

February 1555

  • John Rogers,a bible translator, became the first protestant martyr of the reign, when he was burned under the restored heresy laws.

16th October 1555

  • Ridley and Latimer burned in Oxford for heresy.

12th November 1555

  • Stephen Gardiner DIED , aged 72.

13th November 1555

  • Cranmer deprived of the see of Canterbury.

December 1555

  • Reginald Pole was named as the Archbishop of Canterbury.
  • The London Synod met under Pole ( until February 1556).

February 1556

  • The Synod issued Twelve Decrees on clerical discipline, against abuses such as absenteeism, pluralism ( co-existing), simony and heresy.
  • Re-foundation of the Benedict House of Westminster.
  • Many more protestants were burned for heresy.

21st March 1556

  • Cranmer recanted all retractions and was burned at the stake in Oxford.
  • Cardinal Pole argued with Pope Paul IV and was deprived of his position as legate.

22nd March 1556

  • Pole was fully consecrated as Archbishop of Canterbury.

June 1557

  • Re-foundation of some small religious houses.
  • Pole recalled to Rome to answer heresy claims. Mary refused him permission to go and rejected his replacement as legate.

10th November 1558

  • 5 protestants burned at the stake in Canterbury. 300 people executed under Mary's reign.
  • Thomas Bentham, a returned exile, was ministering to the protestants of London.

17th November 1558

  • Mary and Pole died.


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