Italy joining ww1 on the side of the Triple alliance

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Italy joining ww1 on the side of the Triple alliance


  • German empire had been supportive of Italy's claims on Eritrea and had even provided some financial support
  • the countries had worked closely during the boxer rebellion
  • Germany agrees to make a small financial contribtion towards Italy's military preparations, especially the navy
  • Austria concedes that it will offer Italy some lands in the Balkans
  • Germany promises to recognise Italian control over Libya
  • Triple Alliance suggests that Italy could have dominant control in the Mediterranean, including a controlling interest in the Suez canal if this can be taken off Britain


  • Even though Austria concedes that it will give some land, it isn't the Irredenta land that Italy wants/asked for (South Tyrol, Trentino or Trieste
  • Anti Austrian feelings are rife in Italy, plus haven't cooperated regularly
  • Austria consulted Germany on attacking Serbia but not Italy- then refused to apologise


The triple Alliance offers less protection and less land than the entente. 


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