Italy joining ww1 on the side of the entente

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Italy joining ww1 on the side of the entente


  • Britian, France and Russia had a better military and prosperous economy, they were the greatest European powers so would offer more protection and more territory
  • France shares a border with Italy and easy for Britain to pass through France, meaning its easier to invade so Italy's vulnerable if not on their side
  • Italy often had positive relations with members of the entente
  • Italy and Britain had worked closely in the Madhist war, despite initial tensions
  • Italy was fundamental in helping Britain bring stability to Sudan and Egypt
  • Italy had been most supportive in backing up France in the Boxer Rebellion
  • France and Britain had encouraged Italy to engage in the Libya campaign in 1911, Italy in return supported French attempts to expand its interests in Morrocco
  • Anti-Austrian feelings are rife in Italy, the 2 nations haven't cooperated regularly
  • German empire was horrified at the Italian seizure of Libya, due to its alliance with the Ottomans
  • Austria consulted Germany on attacking Serbia, but didnt consult Italy. Austria refused to apologise to Italy for not consulting themand offered no negotiation for any compensation until after the war
  • Austria offered land but none of it was Irredenta lands that Italy wants including South Tyrol


  • Italians had never completely forgiven France for seizing Tunisisa, due to the huge national embarassment
  • Britain hadn't always supported Italian colonial ambitions- It had been vocal against colonisation of Eritrea
  • Britain resisted accepting Italian Somaliland for 5 years+ was very aware of Italy's ambition to have influnce in the lucrative Suez canal
  • Russian empire rejected Italian irredenta claims


The positives of joining the war on the side of the entente clearly outweigh the risks they could face. They were promised more land joining the entente than joining with the triple alliance. They had better relations with Britain and France, also Italian people(especially nationalists) had strong anti-austrian feelings. The military was stronger and they would be more respected by other European powers.


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