Islam teachings and it's effects.


Islam teachings and it's effects.


  • 1 "It's  your duty to have large families." - The Qur'an
  • 2 "Do not kill yourself." - The Qur'an
  • 3 "Take not life that Allah has made sacred." - The Qur'an
  • 4 "homosexuality is wrong." - The Qur'an and Muhammad
  • 5 "All people are equal." - The Hadith
  • 6 "Men have authority above women." - The Qur'an
  • 7 "The search for knowledge is the duty for all Muslims, male or female." - The Hadith


  • 1. The reason for life is to have a large family, so a marriage between a male and female is key. On judgement day, you can be judged on how well you've raised your kids, so a good family life is important.   This also means homosexuality is condemned because people from the same sex cannot procreate.
  • 2. This means suicide, murder and euthanasia is wrong, which means it's a sin; Sinning will send you to hell after you die. If you take a life, this means you are playing god and that's a sin.
  • 3. Life is valuable an precious so you should make the most of it and make right decisions in life. If life is taken , you are playing god which is a sin.
  • 4. This may cause homophobia or even cause a people to feel restricted to opening up about their sexuality.
  • 5. No matter what race, gender, ethnicity or faith you are we are all equal. This will help promote community cohesion, and racial harmony.
  • 6. This means women have less power and status than men. This can lead to sexist views within a family or community.
  • 7. This means both men and woman have the right to learn, be educated and have a career. This will promote equal gender rights.

Overall summary

Muslims are influenced by the teaching from the Qur'an and the Hadith which impacts there lives it can help promote positive and negative views on groups in society. 


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