Crime - Islam

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  • Crime
    • Muslims are against crim because misdeeds are breaking the laws of God.
    • Islam teaches Muslims to honour their allegiance to both their faith and their country, therefore they should abide by the rules of the land
    • Muslims are also taught to keep away from anything that might distract them from remembering God, and which could lead to crime
    • Muslims are accountable for their actions in the Akhirah. This makes them more conscious of how they behave in this life.
    • Causes of crime
      • poverty
        • evidence
          • many of the people convicted of shoplifting food were stealing it for their families.
        • Muslim support offered to decrease poverty
          • Banning the use of interest and gambling
          • muslims are encouraged to share their wealth and let people off their debts
          • using Zakah to help poor Muslims in the UK: and supporting charities such as Muslim Aid and Islamic Relief
          • Islam encourages its followers to think carefully about voting and to support policies aimed at removing poverty.
      • Upbringing
        • evidence
          • there seems to be clear evidence that upbringing and family background have a major effect on the likelihood of people committing crimes
            • 24% of prisoners  stated that they had been in care at some point during their childhood
        • Muslim support offered
          • helping people fulfil their duties as Muslim parents ( they are expected to teach their children what is right and wrong and introduce them to the faith through  observing salah and Ramadam at home)
          • Islam also encourages families to stay together and many mosques provide family advice and support if parent have problems.
      • drugs
        • evidence
          • a lot of theft crimes in the UK are carried out by heroin or crack cocaine users to pay for drugs
          • a high proportion of people arrested for a range of crimes test positive for drug use.
        • Help offered by Muslims
          • alcohol and drugs should not be a problem for Muslim families because they are prohibited.
            • why?
              • the Qur'an says that intoxicants are a means by which which Satan tries to keep people from God.
                • Muhammad said several times that Muslims should not drink alcohol.
      • Low self-esteem
        • evidence
          • Mucho sociological research and thinking believes that there is a link between low self-esteem and criminal offending
        • Muslim help offered
          • Islam's teachings should me that no Mulslim should have problems with self-esteem
          • To know that you are a Klifah of God, given the task of looking after the world in the way God wants should never mean have low self-esteem.
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