GSCE History - Rest of Prehistoric Medicine after my mindmaps

Look at the mindmaps before you see this because it will make more sense.

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Prehistoric Surgery

Prehistoric methods of diagnosis and treatment

  • Used trephining to remove evil spirits - Can cause epilepsy/headaches
  • Had ability to become successful surgeons
  • No archaeological evidence to prove illnesses
  • Aborigines used spiritual way to 'see' cause of illness through trance or magical rituals
  • e.g. Pointing bones, beads, magic paintings, dancing and ceremonies
  • Shamans diagnosed in similar way
  • Used herbs that had healing properties but Herbs helped illness then spirits would get credit

Prehistoric Public Health

Prehistoric doctors

  • No concept of public health
  • e.g. Sewers or hospitals
  • Aborigines buried excrements for religious reasons, not medical
  • No evidence - link between dirt and disease
  • Witch-doctors to turn to when ill
  • Combined healing with spiritual functions
  • Not have concept of curing illnesses
  • Base point measures progress of medicine


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