Germany 1919-1945

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The Aftermath of World War One.

World War One had caused Devastation. 

The Results of the Treaty of Versailles were severe. 

Germany Hated the Treaty of Versailles

A new government took over when the Kaiser abdicated

The Weimar constitution made Germany a republic

The Weimar Republic had many problems

Reasons for discontent. (1919-1923) Germany faced all sorts of problems in the years following the First world war. 

Soon there were riots and Rebellions

In 1923 Germany couldn't pay the reparations. 

Hyperinflation had three main results. 

Stresemann wanted international cooperation 

German Had begun to recover but was dependent on US money

The Wiemar Republic Had many cultural Achivement

The roots of the Nazi party- Adolf Hitler the Nazi leader

Hitler tried to overthrow the Government in the Munich Putsch

Hitler Wrote the book "Mein Kampf" in prison

After the Munich Putsch Hitler changed tactics

The great Depression caused poverty and suffering

The Nazis increased in popularity during the Depression

The elections of 1930 showed Nazi gains

Germany had no strong government

Hindenburg refused to give the Nazis power

The Nazis then lost seats in the elections

The Nazis used dirty tricks to win in 1933

Hitler changed the law to keep control

Germany was now under strong Leaders

The Night of the Long Knives

(The Holocaust) The war made Nazi persecution worse

The Nazis began the final solution in 1942. 

It is hard to understand how this mass murder happened

The reaction of Jewish people.

Opposition was weak under the Nazis

The Nazis Over came most resistance.

Not all young people supported the Nazis

Resistance grew in the army during the War

Youth movements helped produce committed Nazis

Nazis took over in schools and universities

Women were expected to raise large families

The Nazis saw the church as a threat

Most church members supported the Nazis

Hitler gave work to Millions of Unemployed

People were encouraged to work by rewards

The new plan made Germany more self Sufficient

Hitler rearmed the German Military

The Nazis hoped to change German society completely

The Nazis didn't change every aspect of German society

Many groups in society felt better off. 

The Nazi Economy had to prepare for war

The outbreak of war forced changes in the econemy

The outbreak of War had a dramatic effect on society


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