Evaluation of vygotsky 

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  • Evaluation of vygotsky
    • the theory has successfully been applied to education - peer tutoring and using older teachers
    • over instruction from the teacher may lead to the child becoming less independant and not using their initiative
    • assumes all adults will have an enhancing effect however some may make it more difficult for the child
    • recognized the importance of social interaction in cognitive development of children
    • comparison with piaget
      • piaget states that a child will learn when they are ready however vygotsky believes that child development can be accelerated
      • Piaget believes that children learn through instruction and guidance however vygotsky believed that children are active self discoverers
      • Both believe that development is driven by an inbuilt tendency to adapt to new experiences
      • Piaget believes that language develops as a result of cognitive development and that outward monologue is meaningless however vygotsky believes that the ability to use language is key and talking out loud sooner becomes internalized
        • He claimed that language helps to form the inner voice and increases problem solving. 
      • Piaget takes a more universal theory of development due to underlying genetic stages which is true to all cultures however vygotsky believes that development is more dependent on the individual childs social interactions with their cultures
      • Piaget’s theory states that cognitive development occurs as a result of biological maturation, whereas Vygotsky states that it occurs as a result of social interactions. 
      • Vygotsky argued that the process of cognitive development is ‘social in nature’; he claimed children respond to the world through actions and these actions gain meanings through social interaction. This contradicts Piaget’s theory which states that cognitive development is innate and occurs due to biological maturation.
    • Vygotsky did not suggest how more knowledgeable others lead development. 


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