GEOGRAPHY development dilemas

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  • Development dilemas
    • development- how advanced a country is in comparison to the rest
    • 4 factors
      • Economic
        • job sectors, security of jobs and average income
      • social
        • health care, leisure and education
      • physical well-being
        • diet, disease, hazards and clean drinking water.
      • mental well-bieng
        • freedom, security and happiness
    • measures of development
      • GDP- total income of a country
      • HDI- human development index. assesses income, education and life expectancy
      • HPI- happy planet index. how good a country is at using its resources to benefit its people
      • Gender inequality index- measures womens role in workforce, decision making, their education and their control over their pregnancy
      • political freedom- measures political rights, individual rights and free speech
      • corruption perception index- measures amount of perceived govt. corruption
      • Environmental performance index- measures both the health of the people and the natural environment.
    • MALAWI
      • Developing
      • GDP increasing slightly
      • AIDS is common
        • Not everyone can work
      • Corrupted govt.
      • land locked country
        • Hard to import/export
        • 1 trainline to coast, through a war zone
    • ROSTOW's theory
      • Every country follows a path to development
      • Problems- assumes that all countries start the same, it has no reference to the dependency theory and it is old
    • FRANK's theory
      • Some countries are poor because of their relationships with other countries
      • the dependency theory
    • regional differences in development
      • INDIA
        • Bihar- periphery
          • Women don't work- 1/2 workforce
          • Subsistence living/farming
        • Mumbai- core
          • Major port, lots of industry as it is east to import and export.
            • High FDI
    • Top down development
      • Govt schemes, usually benefit the core regions
      • Sardar sarovar dam
        • HEP, consistant water,flood/ draught protection and irrigation.
        • Villages drowned, locals cant afford HEP, farmland and historical land lost, soil fertility decreases near dam
    • Bottom up development
      • NGO's working with local communities smaller scale = sustainable
        • ASTRA- Application of science and technology in rural areas
          • solving fuelwood crisis by converting cow dung into biogas
  • HDI- human development index. assesses income, education and life expectancy


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