iranaeus' theodicy

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  • Iranaeus' theodicy
    • Genesis taken literally
      • Adam and Eve- like children going astray- not matured yet
        • parents dont abandon children - God doesn't abandon humanity for doing wrong
    • punishment is a necessary way to help mature
      • suffering- working/child birth are necessary for humans to become MORALLY MATURE
    • God created humans with imperfections so we can develop into a relationship with him
      • creation is embryonic - develops over time
    • Eschatological aspect- all humans will come to be a likeness of God  eventually
    • morality develops from our life experiences
      • soul making world- an environment in which people can grow/develop
    • God tollerates a world of evil because it is a necessary enviroment for for humans to develop morally and spiritually
    • we are on a journey to become more like God
    • Jesus fixed Adams mistake - reintroducing eternal life
      • RECAPITULATION- the relationship between God and man is restored by Jesus
    • we will all experience eternal bliss in heaven
      • everyone is saved! we all get a place in heaven


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