Civil Rights Act 1964

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Civil Rights Act 1964


  • Birmingham Campaign (Bull Eugene Connor) 1963
  • 1964 election liberal Democrats elected who are much more sympathetic to CR
  • Johnson backs CR bill, persuading senior members of congress to back it too.


  • SCLC negotiates desegregation of department stores in Birmingham and a commitment to end of racial desegregation in unemployment.
  • Kennedy horrified, publicly backs CR bill
  • Johnson passes CR bill in 1964 as a legacy for Kennedy
  • Soviet Union devote 20% of its news coverage to Birmingham campaign- embarrassing in Cold War context.
  • 'Letter from Birmingham Jail' gained public support especially from the North for Civil Rights movement.
  • Voting Rights Act 1965 due to violence from passing CRA 1964.

Overall summary

Birmingham Campaign- After failure of Albany, SCLC targets Birmingham in Alabama. MLK knows Bull Connor is violent, after reaction (violent) of the Freedom Rides 1961. This would lead to media attention and spark national sympathy for the Civil Rights movement. Children and students recruited by SCLC. Kennedy shocked by images on TV and publicly backs a Civil Rights Bill leading to 1964 Civil Rights Bill.  


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