Civil Rights Acts

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1964 Civil Rights Act

  • Ban on exclusion from restaurants, stores and other public places
  • Attorney-General could file law suits to speed up desegregation, mixed education and voting rights
  • To be no discrimination on any federally aided programmes
  • FECP set up on a permanent legal basis
  • No racial, sexual or religious discrimination would be lawful
  • Community Relations Service set up to deal with remaining disputes

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1965 Voting Rights Act

  • Abolished literary tests
  • Made manoeuvres (such as impossible questions) used to prevent black people from registering to vote, illegal
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1957 Civil Rights Act

  • Established a Civil Rights Commission for two years
  • Also established a Civil Rights Division to investigate attempts to stop black people from voting
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1960 Civil Rights Act

  • Extended the life of the Civil Rights Commission 
  • Introduced federal court referees whose responsibility was to help black people register to vote in areas where it previously proved difficult
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