CAT Scans

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CAT Scans


  • Shows a range of very different tissue types clearly
  • 3D images can be generated
  • QUICK CT scan is useful for diagnosing internal injuries in trauma victims - a scan only takes a couple of minutes, and it can find problems quickly and save their lives


  • Uses ionising radiation which can cause cancer - if over exposed
  • limit to the amount of scans you can have - over exposure is harmful
  • uses higher dose of radiation compared to an X-ray - CAT scans more harmful
  • Fewer CAT scans available compared to X-rays
  • Less portable than X-ray machine


CAT Scans - Uses X rays. Machine rotates around the body to produce cross sectional images through the body which can be put together to produce a 3D image. CAT scans use X-rays to produce images. Image produced depends on density of tissues. Its uses are: Plan radiotherapy treatment and it can identify diseases in lung tissue, bone, soft tissue blood vessels 




thank you for this!!

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