Youth sport trust


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  • Youth sport trust
    • School sport competitions
    • Leadership
      • Engage young people in PE and sport
        • School sport competitions
    • Volunteering programmes
      • Engage young people in PE and sport
      • Sporting start
        • Giving every child a sporting start in life in primary & secondary school PE
      • Sporting chance
        • Develop opportunities for pupils with special educational needs and disabilities
      • Sporting best
        • Increase participation in sport so that young people are active beyond school
      • Managing school sport competitions
        • Competition in schools
        • Between schools
        • County level
        • national event for the most talented school age athletes
      • Improving leadership and volunteering opportunities
        • Young coach academy-
        • Team Leaders
          • University students who have a passion for sport and working with young people
        • Engaging young people in PE and Sport
          • Inspiration of the Olympic/ Paralympic Games to engage less-active children in physical activity
          • uses sport stars and sport skills to improve young people's lives


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