Witte's Economic Policies

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  • Witte's Economic Policies
    • Aims
      • To keep Russia as a great power
      • Improve the standard of living for the poor
      • Exploit Russia's natural resources
      • Rapid industrialisation
    • Impacts
      • Access to natural resources in Siberia
      • People and products could move around the empire easier.
      • Peasants had to grow more grain, the government exported this and got more funds.
      • Failed to reform agriculture as machinery was too expensive.
      • Famine and unrest became common in rural areas.
      • Coal oil and gas production trebled.
      • Economic growth was 8%.
      • Anti-Tsarist groups became more concentrated.
    • Methods
      • High taxes on foreign products
      • Secured loans, larges for France in 1893
      • Trans-Siberian railway, ran from St Petersburg to Vladivostock a distance of 4300 mile.
      • Brought in foreign exports to oversee building and running of Russia's factories


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