Unit 1: The Rationale for Wildlife Conservation

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  • The Rationale for Wildlife Conservation
    • Knowledge + Understanding
      • Study primates to learn about social structures
      • Understand the interdependence of species
      • Biomimetics e.g. using birds to develop aircraft wings
    • Aesthetics + Recreation
      • Seeing wildlife improves life quality
    • Morals
      • Organisms have a right to life
        • Usually subjective
    • Ethics
      • Poorer countries have to exploit wildlife for food - is this wrong?
    • Economics
      • Medical benefits - both physiological and in the development of new medicines
      • Food resources - domesticating new species and using wild animals for breeding programmes
      • Other material resources
        • Timber
        • Fibers
        • Dyes
    • Earth's Life Support Systems
      • Maintenance of the atmosphere
      • Soil formation and conservation
    • Species Interdependence
      • Food supplies
      • Pollination
      • Seed dispersal
      • Habitat provision


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