Unit 1: Governmental Organisations Involved in UK Conservation

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  • Governmental Organisations Involved in UK Conservation
    • Natural England
      • Aims
        • More people enjoying, understanding and enjoying the natural environment
        • Conserve and enhance a healthy natural environment
        • The more sustainable use and management of the natural environment
        • Decisions made that secure the future of the natural environment
      • Activities
        • Ecological research
        • Providing advice and information on wildlife conservation
        • Providing conservation management grants
        • Designation of protected areas
    • The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA)
      • Aims
        • Concern for climate change and energy
        • Sustainable consumption and production
        • Sustainable rural communities
        • Protection of the countryside and natural resources
        • Sustainable farming and food sector including animal health and welfare
      • Activities
        • Designating Ramsar Sites
        • Biodiversity Action Plans
        • Environmental Stewardship Scheme
    • The Forestry Comission
      • Takes large areas of forest that's purpose was for timber production
      • Makes wildlife conservation important


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