Why fascist italy couldn't cope with WW2

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  • Why Fascist Italy couldn't cope with WW2
    • Outdated, antiquated weaponry-no sand filters on plane engines
    • Trying to keep up with the Nazis progress
    • Depleted resources after Abyssinia and Spain
    • Unaware of unpreparedness
    • Mussolini's leadership
    • All 3 of Italy's forces competed
    • Mussolini's nepotism (friends) and putting sycophants into positions backfired
    • Never achieved autarky
    • Don't have the raw materials and no preparation for army
    • Italians mindset wasn't for fighting
    • Lack of knowledge of why they were fighting
    • Length of war was unexpected
    • Mussolini's promises were bluff - had they been true they'd be fine
    • Italians had their own agenda (Egypt, Greece)


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