Stone Cold Ending Sympathy

This is a mindmap on how we feel sympathetic for Link, the main character in the novel, stone cold!

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  • Why do we feel sympathetic for Link?
    • Ginger is dead
    • He is lonely.
    • Gail betrayed him
    • He is sad that Shelter, the psychopath has a good if not wealthy life and he doesn't
    • Gail drops out of his life.
    • He is angry because he suspected Ginger to abandon him
    • He  doesn't know what to do.
    • He wants to move city because of the ghosts of Ginger and Gail
    • He can't get a job
    • He is still poor, even if Gail gave him money/
    • he doesn't have a roof over his head.
    • He doesn't have any other clothes except the ones he is wearing.
    • He wants to go home but doesn't want to go to Vince.


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