End of the Cold War: Revolutions in Europe

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  • End of the Cold War: Revolutions in Europe
    • May 1989- Hungarian Gov. takes down fence along border with non-communist
    • May 1989- Austria promises new democratic government and free elections in Octber
    • November 1989- ' The Velvet Revolution'
      • Czech communist government is overthrown
      • Anti-communist is elected president
    • June 1989- Solidarity legalised in Poland & they win landslide victory in election
    • Septmeber 1989- Huge numbers of East Germans leave for West on the 11th.
      • 125,000 East Germans corss the border
    • October 1989- Gorbachev refuses to help East German government put down revolutions
    • Novmeber 1989- East German Gov. announces border crossing West Berlin opened.
      • 1000s of people start pulling it down.
      • East and West are formally reuinted in 1990
    • Decemeber 1989- In Romania a week of protests and riots  took place, that overthrew the government of Nicolae Ceausescu.


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