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    • Earthquake zones
      • Some places known for their beauty and so people live there despite the risks
      • People believe the chance of an earthquake is very low
      • People in MIC's feel safe due to their advances in earthquake proofing
        • Since 1981 in Japan all new buildings are earthquake proof
        • People feel safer as buildings can now be built earthquake proof
      • Landslides, triggered by earthquake tremors, have cause loss of lives at numerous mining sites around the world. in 2007, a 7.7 earthquake hit Chile killing 2 and injuring 117. the risk is considered acceptable as they can make a good living from mining
      • Some areas in Turkey are popular tourist areas and provide many jobs for locals
    • Volcanic areas
      • In Iceland, the volcanoes provide cheap geothermal energy. This energy is inexpensive at wintertime. in 2008, 85% of Iceland's energy was geothermal
      • Minerals such as tin, gold, silver, copper, diamonds can be found in volcanic rock.
        • The money made from mining these outweighs the risks
      • Some volcanoes are popular tourist areas. eg Mt Etna in Sicily attracts thousands of tourists
      • Volcanic soils are especially fertile. eg Naples, Italy is a huge wine growing area. Mt Mayon, Philippines are covered with rice fields, coconut plantations tomatoes and other vegetables. 20000 live in the danger zone
      • A lot of people in LIC's don't move because they can't afford it
        • They also don't want to move away from their friends, families or jobs
      • Many people live close to Mt Merapi in Indonesia worship ancient spirits and believe they watch over the peaks and warn them of an eruption


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