Why do HICs produce more waste than LICs?

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Consumer society- Why do HICs have more waste than

  • People in HICs have the ability to buy more products+ generate more waste
  • People in LICs are poor and live without the means to buy consumer products
  • Globally, 20% of the world's people who live in HICsconsume86% of the world's products
  • The poorest20% only consume 1.3% of the world's products
  • Ethiopia, which is a LIC only had 4 kg of waste generated/ person in 2002
  • UK, which is LIC had 590 kg of waste generated/ person in 2002
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  • Nokia has previously said that 50% of mobile phone users change their phone every year
  • The UN Environment Programme estimates that up to 50 million tonnes of e-waste is generated/ year\
  • More than half of these goods are still in good working order
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