Why did the US intervene in the Korean War?

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  • Why did the US intervene in the Korean war?
    • Obligation
      • Dean Acheson had said it was the US's obligation to help defend sovereign states, which implied Korea.
    • Standing up to Moscow
      • Acheson believed Stalin was 'testing' the West
        • Berlin Blockade
          • Stalin blocked all road, rail and canal access to Berlin
      • had to be seen to stand up to communsism
        • democrats were seen as soft on communism
    • Popular Support
      • congress voted 315 to 4 to extend the draft law.
      • Truman had much support from the public
    • Korea was a "dagger pointed at the heart of Japan"
      • Japan was a vital interest to the USA due to it's recent defeat and it was a major industrial producer for the US.
      • Communist Korea would be a direct threat, being only 100 miles away
    • The UN
      • the US was part of a larger UN force
      • "police action"


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