why were the north so successful in the early stages?

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  • Why were North Korea successful in the early stages?
    • Attitude of MacArthur and US forces
      • MacArthur underestimated the strength of the North's attack
      • Douglas MacArthur was arrogant, treated orders like suggestions and was a much loved figure in the US
      • the troops expected 3 good meals a day
        • Regular British officers were appalled
      • Fire power and US air force were superior
    • North Korean Strengths
      • 135,000 men, 1/3 had combat experience in the Chinese civil war.
      • wanted to take the south in 3 weeks
        • (could indicate they didn't believe the US would intervene)
      • 200 russian built aircraft
      • seven well equipped and motivated combat divisions with T-34 armoured tanks.
    • South Korean Weaknesses
      • Army
        • badly equipped, lacked tanks, badly led and trained
      • Hard getting people to fight- they had little reason to, had to get peasant conscripts.
      • Seoul was taken on 29th June
    • Turning points
      • UN are able to hold the Pusan Perimeter
      • brutality encouraged the South to fight.


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