Reasons that Christians Believe In God

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  • Why Christians Believe in God
    • Ontological Argument
      • The idea that we cannot thing of anything greater that God so he must exsist
      • God is "that than which nothing greater can be conceived"
    • Cosmological Argument
      • Something cannot come from nothing
      • Everything must come from something and that something is God
    • Teleological Argument
      • Says that the worlds too complex to have come from nothing
      • There must have been a designer, and this designer was God
      • Use watches as an example. The watch is too complex to have just occurred, and like the world it needed a creator
    • Argument of Experience
      • Some people claim that they've felt got, which gives proof of his exsistance
      • Could say that miracles, conversion, and answered prayers prove this
    • The Moral Argument
      • Says that its God that gives us a conscious
      • Without God we wouldn't know the difference between right or wrong
    • Background and Upbringing
      • They were brought up in a family that held these beliefs
      • They "learn" to believe in God


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