Moral Decision Making

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  • moral decisions
    • Christians (Bible)
      • Christians believe that the Bible is the word of God and therefore he is guidance to make a decision
      • Bible contains God's teachings on how Christians should behave
      • Bible contains teachings of Jesus on how to live
      • Bible contains letters from the leading disciples of Jesus about how Christians should behave
      • Some Christians believe that the Bible was written by humans inspired by God, so some things need to be changed for the modern world
      • Some Christians would use the Church or their own conscience or reason to follow the Bible
    • Church
      • They believe the Church is the Body of Christ
      • Most Christians believe that God speaks to the world today through the Church
      • The Church is guided by God in making decisions on today's moral issues
      • Catholic Christians believe that the Magisterium gives perfect guidance on moral behaviour
    • Conscience
      • they believe the voice of conscience seems to be the same as the voice of God, therefore Christians should follow it
      • St Paul and St Thomas Aquinas taught that Christians should use their conscience in moral decision making
      • The Bible often needs to be interpreted but the conscience doesn't
      • people have heard the voice of God telling them to do bad things so do not always follow their conscience
      • if christians follow the teaching of the bible/church they are doing the right thing so they don't follow their conscience
      • if everyone followed their conscience the world would be choas
    • Situation ethics
      • Jesus seemed to follow situation ethics
        • He taught to love God and love your neighbour, should always do what will have the most loving results
      • Christians believe they should only do what they believe will produce good
      • some think it is wrong, they believe the Bible is God's word to Christians about how to live
        • they believe they should follow the 10 commandments rather than relying on their own ideas
      • some think it is wrong because the Church knows best rather than an individual Christian


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