Why was the First Crusade successful?

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  • Why was the First Crusade successful?
    • Italian Maritime States
      • Genoa, Venice, and Pisa
        • Resupplied the First Crusade when nearing Jerusalem
        • Ship wood enabled building of siege towers which got crusaders into Jerusalem
        • Provided link back to the West that was not over land
    • Religious Zeal
      • Crusaders keen to move onto Jerusalem during siege of Antioch
      • Reaction to the Holy Lance meant renewed morale
      • Captured Antioch due to its importance to Christianity
        • Was site of first Church in Christendom
      • Reaction to Urban II's preaching proved religious motivations were dominant
    • Military Leadership
      • Bohemond of Taranto
        • At Dorylaeum, drew ranks together and kept such tight control Kilij Arslan's forces could not break ranks
          • Was almost defeated yet Godfrey's forces arrived to relieve them
      • Godfrey of Bouillon
        • Was known as the 'Crusader King'
        • Found the weakness in the walls at Jerusalem and moved the siege tower to it
    • Muslim Disunity
      • Ridwan of Aleppo and Duqaq of Damascus took turns to try and relieve Antioch separately; both failed
        • Kerbogha's captains were distrustful of him, leading to defeat at Antioch
        • No single leader to keep Muslims under control since the death of Malik Shah 1092
      • Idea of Jihad rose after First Crusade


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