Why presentational devices are used.

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  • Why presentational devices are used
    • Mood
      • font
      • colour
      • pictures
      • quotes
      • A piece of writing will always try to express feelings. The mood created could be fun and excitement (e.g. theme park brochure) or perhaps fear and concern (e.g. road safety leaflet).
    • Memory
      • Bullet points
      • Diagrams, maps and illustrations
      • Headlines and sub-headings
      • If the main purpose of a text is to inform it is important that readers find and remember key pieces of information. These can include website addresses, phone numbers, advice and statistics.
      • Bold texts
    • Clarity
      • Bullet points
      • Bold text
      • Sub-headings
      • Images
      • Paragraphs
      • Colour
      • Most non-fiction texts are aimed at people in a hurry, so it is important that the text and audience is clear. The information within the text needs to be clearly presented.
      • Captions & quotes


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