English Language Reading Revision

Some notes made on English Language Gcse reading section.** Hope this helps leave comments if need be.

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English Gcse Reading Revision
What is non fiction?
Non fiction is a type of genre of writing that is based on facts and real life.
Give some examples of non fiction texts?
Information leaflets
Newspapers/Magazine articles
Travel Writing
Company Websites
What to think about when looking at Non fiction Text?
You need to be able to think about the form of the non fiction text and
how it applies to the audience.
Looking for information Questions
You need to:
The heading or title should
help you decide the main
Subject of the text.
Vocabulary used to give out the
Information indicates a particular
Subject. E.g if the text is about
Global warming you would use
Vocabulary such as; Environment.
Attitude of the text uses
Adjectives or intensifiers
To decide whether the
Writer likes the text or not.
Points are used by the author
to develop the argument.
Remember: The main points of the writer are usually at the end of each
paragraph .

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Identifying presentational devices Questions
You need to be able to list the presentational devices used and explain
the effect that they have.
What are the examples of these presentational Devices?
Font size/Style
Layout features (Boxed text/bullet point text)
Structure (Short and Long paragraphs)
The presentational devices used depend on the purpose and audience of
the text.
Remember: The three main reasons why these presentational devices
are used is to set the Mood, Memory and Clarity.…read more

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In these questions you need to be able to infer meaning and consider
how the writer feels about the text.
In other words do not take the information in the text literally and try
and interpret the non visible meaning of the text.
Writers use indirect language.
They use colourful descriptions with positive associations and broken objects
with negative associations.
Similes and metaphors
This is a type of Language technique used that describes the attitude and
feelings of the text.…read more

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For these questions you need four paragraphs if you've got time a
conclusion.…read more


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