Why are New Religious movements short-lived?

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  • Why are New Religious Movements short-lived?
    • Social Changes
      • Wallis
      • Examples
        • USA experienced rapid growth in NRMS in 1960s due to the Vietnam War
          • 1980s - NRMs less popular due to the precarious job market
    • Death or Denomination
      • Niebuhr
        • Less commitment from the 2nd generation
          • Younger members lack the fervour + commitment as their parents so lose interest
            • Links to the 'Choice-Based nature of the Post-Modern World'
            • Untitled
        • The 'Protestant ethic' effect
          • Asceticism -  presents members with a conflict of interests
            • Between spiritualism and materialism
        • Death of Charismatic leader
          • Sect will breakdown or be replaced by a bureaucratic leader making it into a denomination
    • The Sectarian Cycle
      • Stark   Bainbridge - supports the Denomination of Sects
        • Schism - tension between deprived and privileged members of a Church
          • Further Schism - deprived members break away from the Church + form their own WR sect
            • Denominationalism - Niebuhr's 3 reasons means the sect has less fervour and becomes more bureaucratic
              • Establishment - Sect has become a denomination of the original wider Church from where it started
    • Established Sects
      • Wilson - agrees with Neibuhr's argument
        • Conversionist sects - aim to convert large numbers of people - likely to grow into a formal denomination
          • Globalisation - makes it possible to recruit from the Third World - Pentecostalist
        • Adventist sects - to be saved must hold themselves from the corrupt world around them prevents them from compromising and becoming a denomination
          • Globalisation - makes it harder for sects to keep away from the outside world
      • Wilson - disagrees with Neibuhr's argument
        • Established sects - Some sects have survived as they have been able to socialise their children into a high level of commitment- Pentecostalist


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