A2 Socology - Beliefs in Society Essay Questions


A2 Sociology 18 and 33 Mark Questions (2008 to 2014)

Belief Systems

18 Marks

·         Assess the view that most people today see spirituality and religious belief as purely private and personal matters.

·         Assess the view that, while the church of england is declining, other religions and spiritual movements are flourishing.  

·         Assess the view that most people today choose not to be lifelong members of religious organisations.

·         Assess the view that religion no longer acts as a ‘shared universe of meaning’ for people today.

·         Briefly examine the view that conservative or orthodox or traditionalist movements have become more significant and have increased their influence in the world today

·         Examine the view that cults and sects have taken the place of established churches as the most important religious and spiritual movements in society today. 

·         Assess the view that women are no longer oppressed by religion.

·         Assess the view that the growth of religious fundamentalism is a reaction to globalisation.

·         Assess the view that traditional churches are experiencing declining attendances mainly because they are no longer attracting the young.

·         Assess the reasons why young people seem to participate in religious activity far less


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